Project details

ADAPTIWALL:  Multi-functional light-weight wall panel based on ADAPTIVE Insulation and nanomaterials for energy efficient buildings.

The ADAPTIWALL concept introduces a new approach for maintaining a comfortable indoor climate at reduced energy consumption. The innovative prefab wall system introduces energy savings by allowing an adaptive exchange between the outdoor and indoor environment. The ambition of the ADAPTIWALL project is to reduce heating and cooling demands by more than 50% compared to current retrofitting solutions. To reach this ambition, the chosen principle is to use an adaptive insulation to regulate incoming heat or cold and to temporarily store this outdoor heat (or cold) in a lightweight concrete buffer until it is needed indoor for heating or cooling purpose. Furthermore ,a drastic reduction in auxiliary heat recovery and ventilation installations is foreseen by including a total heat exchanger system within the wall. The demonstration will take place on two PASSYS test cells situated at the CEA-INES experimental platform at Le Bourget du Lac in France. The project consortium gathers 7 partners from 5 European countries and it is coordinated by the research organization TNO from the Netherlands.

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