Project details

    HEAT-INSYDE advances a ground-breaking closed-loop concept using thermochemical material to a
    compact domestic heat storage prototype at a Technology Readiness Level of 7 through a user-centric
    approach with real-life demonstrations in 3 different European climate zones. HEAT-INSYDE delivers an
    affordable, highly compact solution (< 1 m3) with robust, long term (> 25 years) performance. Its hybrid
    functionality combines compact storage with a highly efficient heat pump effect. The system balances
    central (grid) and decentral renewable energy supply, allowing configuration in both heat and electricity
    systems and creating new opportunities for grid flexibility.
    The proposal is based on two recent technological breakthroughs. The first concerns a multicyclic stable
    thermochemical material with a high energy density that can be produced on(semi-) industrial scale at
    low costs. Prototype heat storage systems will be implemented in residential buildings in the
    Netherlands, France and Poland. As part of the project, Fasada has established cooperation with the
    Municipality of Gdynia that decided to make one of their residential buildings available for demonstration
    purposes. The project consortium gathers 12 partners from 6 European countries and it is coordinated
    by the TNO from the Netherlands.

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