Project details

    P2ENDURE: Plug-and-Play product and process innovation for Energy-efficient building deep renovation.

    P2Endure aims to provide scalable, adaptable and ready-to-implement prefabricated Plug-and-Play (PnP) systems for deep renovation of building envelopes and technical systems. These innovative solutions are applicable to transform non-functioning or sub-optimal public and historic buildings into dwellings  and are applicable for the widest range of building typologies, i.e. public buildings, residential buildings, and transformation projects. 

    The main innovation of P2Endure comprises PnP prefab systems enabled by 3D printing, laser and thermal scanning integrated with Building Information Model (BIM). The promoted solutions are SME-driven and geared to rapid and low-disturbance on-site assembly processes for deep renovation.

    P2Endure presents a proof-of-performance of the optimised PnP renovation techniques by implementing 10 large-scale and live demonstration cases that represent the main deep renovation typologies and real market demand in 4 EU geo-clusters. The demonstration will take place also in a kindergarten in Gdynia and nursery building in Warsaw.  The project consortium gathers 16 partners from 5 European countries and it is coordinated by the company Demo Consultants from the Netherlands.

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