Project details

E2VENT: Energy Efficient Ventilated Facades for Optimal Adaptability in the refurbishment of buildings.

E2VENT will develop, demonstrate and validate a cost effective, high energy efficient, low CO2 emissions, replicable, low intrusive, systemic approach for retrofitting of residential buildings, able to achieve remarkable energy savings, through the integration of an innovative adaptive ventilated façade system.

The developed technologies will be integrated in the ventilated facade, and a real time intelligent façade management system will control operation of the system based on meteorological prediction methods for forecasting in advance the decentralised electricity production and the energy (electrical and thermal) demand of the building enabling maximum RE usage. It will inter-operate with existing or latest state-of-the-art Building Energy Management System, to achieve optimum energy efficiency by reducing primary energy needs, CO2 emissions and peak loads, assuring at least the same comfort levels required by Member States Building Codes, at an affordable price. Developed solutions will be demonstrated and validated in two buildings in Poland and in Spain. The project is coordinated by the private technological center  Nobatec from France.

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